Year Built
The year in which the collateral property was built. In the KISCL software, used to determine the insurance expense.
Year Renovated
The year(s) in which the collateral property received any significant renovations or capital expenditures.
The interest earned by an investor on his investment (or bank on the money it has lent). Also called Return.
Yield Curve
A yield curve is a graph that shows the relationship between yields and maturity dates. Under normal circumstances, the longer it takes for a CD, bond or other investment to mature, the greater the yield, because people demand a greater return to tie up their money for a longer time. When the difference in rates between a short-term investment and a long-term one is reduced, the yield curve flattens. When economic forces cause a shorter maturity to produce a greater yield than a long maturity, the yield curve is said to be inverted.
Zoning is a North American term for a system of land-use regulation. The word is derived from the practice of designating permitted uses of land based on mapped zones which separate one part of a community from another.
Zoning Ordinances
The acts of an authorized local government establishing building codes, and setting forth regulations for property land usage.
Zoning variance
An exception allowed in a zoning ordinance, granted case-by-case by local government.