Promote Yourself!   Promote Your Business!

It is now more important then ever to have web presence. If you’re not promoting yourself on the web you’re not utilizing an important advertising tool.

How many times have you been in this situation; you go to a party or some other function and you meet someone who asks, "So, what do you do?" You may only have a few minutes to tell them about yourself and what services you provide, and they probably won't remember everything you tell them nor remember your web address. Why not just hand them your business card. They can log on to your site at their leisure and find out all about you, and think just how many people you can hand your card to!

As you know, www stands for World Wide Web, which means the whole wide world can see your website, but what if your target market is just local, like a pizza parlor... do you need that kind of coverage? No you don't! Other companies out there will try and sell you on SEO, search engine optimization, and you may very well spend hundreds per year, if not thousands, keeping your company at or near the top of the search engine results. Your target market, which is local, may not even find you. Unless you are a national enterprise it is not needed. But, if you are a company that needs worldwide exposure, we can do that too.

The best way to promote your local business is to join the local chamber of commerce, or Jr. chamber, and hand a business card to everyone you meet. Go to mixers and do the same. Advertise in your local paper, and don't forget, put your web address in the ad.

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