Anthony Ling 1744 -1813

Anthony and family arrived from Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany about 1781. They landed at Baltimore, Maryland. The family resided for a time in Washington County, Maryland, near Hagerstown, Maryland, after which they moved to Bedford County, Pennsylvania and settled in Bedford Township, about six miles north of the town of Bedford. In 1784, Anthony Ling purchased land on Dunnings Creek. Again in 1794 there is recorded the purchase by Anthony Ling of further tracts. His name disappeared from the records about the year 1820, which presumably gives some indication of the date of his death. Bedford History

The records of Somerset Co. show that about the year 1795-96, Anthony Ling, a non-resident, was assessed with real estate in Shade Township, and that his two sons, Phillip and Christian, were assessed as tenants, which would seem to indicate that he had purchased these lands in Somerset County, for his sons.

Anthony Ling is buried about six miles from the homestead where Philip and Christian Ling settled when they went from Bedford to Somerset County, it shows up on the 1800 Somerset Co. census.

The records are a little confusing here:


  • Sons: John, Peter, Philip, Christian,
  • Daughters: Margaret, Maria Elizabeth
  • Grandsons: George, Frederick, and John Kring, children of daughter Maria Elizabeth Ling Kring deceased. Married Geord Kring.
  • John Ling to have 200 acres in Bedford Co.
  • Philip to have 50 acres.
  • Christian to have 200 acres.
  • Henry Boors, executor named in will. Could not be found. Christian Ling was approinted.
CENSUS: Was in 1790 Census of Bedford Co., PA; 1 or 2 females under "Anthony Linn"

BIOGRAPHY: Much of the information on the Ling family comes from a report prepared by Stanton Ling Davis, Historian, of Cleveland, Ohio, July 14, 1937.

Marriage 1 Elizabeth RAD b: About 1740

  • Married: About 1766 in Hessen, Germany


  1. John Ling b: 1758/1767 in Hesse,Darmstadt,Germany (Our ancestorial link)
  2. Peter Ling b: 1760/1771 in Hesse,Darmstadt,Germany
  3. Margaret Ling b: 1768/1772 in Hess,Darmstadt,Germany
  4. Phillip Ling b: 1774 in Hesse,Darmstadt,Germany
  5. Maria Elizabeth Ling b: About 1778 possibly born in Germany
  6. Christian Ling b: About 1780 Possibly born in USA
  7. Jacob Ling b: About 1782 Born Bedford County USA
  8. Doan Ling b: About 1784 Born Bedford County USA