Charles Clyde Ling 1895-1977

Charles was married twice. First to Mae Belle Beers (Cornwell), her maiden name was Beers and her name after She divorced Clyde was Cornwell. We always new her as Grandma Cornwell. I only remember seeing her two or three times. She always sent a big box at Christmas. Clyde then married Edna May Hill. Hill was Grandma’s married name when she married Grangpa. I met her husband several times, his name was Clarence Hill, the father of my two aunts, Betty and Dorothy, and my Uncle Matt, always referred to as Sonny. Mae and Charles had 3 children. He was referred to as Clyde and Clydie by Edma May. Clyde was born June 10th 1894 In Paint Township, Somerset, Pensylvannia, anyway that’s where they lived when he was 6 according to the 1900 census.

According to the draft card below, Mae was pregnant with George. He was born August 30th, 1917, approximately 3 months after Clyde registered. This probably kept him from being drafted, since it was when the US first joined the allies to help in the war that started in 1911. He also had to register for the draft in 1945, but at the time he was 48 years old. There is no date on this registration card, but the war was either over or soon to be. George served in the Army. According to stories I heard he spent time in the military hospital with boils. George had 1 child at the outset of WWII, but it did not prevent him from being drafted. I presume the difference between the first WW was that in 1941 we had declared war against Japan, and every able bodied man with or with out children was eligilble.


June 2, 1917 Draft Card a June 2, 1917 Draft Card b 1945 Draft Card
Clyde & Sally" 1300 W. Temple, Los Angeles. This was the drug store where mom and dad met.
Grandpa Clyde was the Pharmacist."
700 Graham Avenue, Windber, PA. This was where George was born."