Hezekiah Ling 1868-1952

Hezekiah and Elizabeth Belle Gordon, were married Nov, 22 1893, in Pleasantville, PA. They both resided in Union Township, Bedford County. Union Township was located east of Windber and Johnstown. Union Township was renamed in 1993 to Pavia. Pleasantville is 140 miles NNW from Pavia and have no record of why they went so far to get married, unless her family was from there.

When Hezekia was 12 years old, the 1880 census had his occupation listed as 'laborer'. No child labor laws back then. Later on in life he was a *Cooper. I remember when I was in my teens my father had shown me a business card for Hezekiah that showed he was a lightning rod salesman, and the name on the card... Hezekiah Nicodemus Ling, ergo the nickname Nick, which for what ever reasons was passed on to my father and many older relatives remember him by that name when they speak of him.

The 1870 census has no city or county listed only Pennsylvania, it shows his father was 38, mother 32 and Hezekiah 1, along with 5 other children. In the 1900 census they lived in Paint Township, Somerset PA., Which is and had the three children, Charles (6), Delilah (3) and Lethian (1).It also showed they had three male boarders. By the time of the 1910 census, they lived in Windber, Somerset PA. The 1930 census shows that there were four in the house Hezekiah (61), Belle (52), Belle’s Father Joseph Gordon (82) and George (12). Not sure when George was farmed out to live with his grandparents, but as the story goes, his father, Charles (Clyde), had either divorced or deserted the family and moved west to Californioa, leaving Mae with three kids to raise. She was a domstic and didn’t earn enough to support all three so, because George was the oldest, off he went to live with his grandparents.

Hezekiah & Belle moved to California, and in 1940 were living in Santa Monica. Marie & George were married by then and lived with Hezekiah and Belle at 739 7th Street.

Marie was pregnant with Dennis, and he was born at the *Baurhyte Maternity Cottage, at 2.65am, a Tuesday, on March 26th, 1940.

  • Charles Clyde - June 6, 1894 (our ancestorial link) Born in *Bedford, Bedford County, Pennsylvania
  • Delilah Ann - 1897
  • Mary Lethian - 1899

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Belle, George and Hezekiah
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