John Ling 1758-1835

John Ling, the oldest child of Anthony Ling and Elizabeth (Rad) Ling, was born in Darmstadt, Germany, in the Hesse region in 1758. Hessen-Darmstadt,was the seat of the Landgraves. His wife Catherine was born in *1759 in Hanover, York County, Pennsylvannia. Catherine and John both died in 1835 in Bedford County. They had 6 children. Christian, the 6th child was born in Bedford in 1803. He is our Line. Up to this time it was easy to see where husbands and wives met. However, since coming to America and John meeting up with Catherine, no luck unless records can be found.

John and Catherine were married in *1787, which was 6 years after the family landed in Baltimore., thus making John 29 years old at that time. Catherine was 44 when Christian was born. Guess they weren't too concerned about age and late pregnancy back then.

*Dates are possibly incorrect as they are from and looking at other family trees with the same people, each have different dates for the same folks.  Must find the correct records in the locations in Pennsylvania and Germany.


  1. Isaac Ling 1788-?
  2. Jacob Ling 1788-1929
  3. Margaret Ling 1790-1830
  4. Elizabeth Ling 1792-1841
  5. Conrad Ling 1794-1885
  6. Christian Ling 1803-1873 - (Our ancestorial link)